Hey I’m Levi. Fingers crossed I actually write something more fleshed out and meaningful here one day but for now here are the main points as of Feb 2020:

  • Dad of 2
  • From New Zealand
  • Lived in Aus for ~5 years
  • Currently live in SF, California
  • Guy of way too many hobbies including:

In general I just love learning new stuff and keeping my mind occupied. To try and encourage deeper focus in some of my hobbies I figured maybe recording some of my journies on a personal website may help. So that’s exactly what this is, another commitment appended to me evergrowing and exciting list of ways to keep me buzzing.

Oh yeah and professionally I’ve been in software for about 8 years. I started in Dev then moved to more DevOps and have since come back to be more Dev. So far the things that interested me the most has probably been building tools for other developers, it’s really satisfying to see other people use and promote something you hand crafted for your team’s needs.

Anyway if you’re still reading then say hi to me on Twitter!

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